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im not sure because now im on the verge of tears

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Anonymous sent: Do you like teen wolf?

so much

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Anonymous sent: i just met jack at vidcon and to be honest he was being really rude

how so?

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Tyler Posey + Jake T. AustinVariety’s 2013 Power of Youth
Universal City, CA | 7.27.13

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thanks dude, trying new things to be creative ya feel?

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i like how at the end of wizards of waverly place alex and justin get to be wizards and max gets to work in a sandwich shop and somehow everyone’s ok with that

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“My family and those around me will always keep me grounded. I will maintain control of who I am and who I have always been…”

— Jake T. Austin x
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Jake T. Austin is interviewed by Glamoholic for the upcoming series, The Fosters.

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Anonymous sent: saying 'dumb fandoms' is like saying jack and finn harries is a 'dumb fandom' it's a bit offensive tbh.

im a little confused but ok…
i mean dumb to me
like i dont watch any of the fantasy shows and all that so to me they are dumb
if people think youtubers are dumb, thats fine